FlowersFlowers for Sunday Services

By giving Sanctuary Flowers you may honor or memorialize loved ones or celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary or baptism. For more information, please contact Ellen Nelson 534-7588 or Patty Herrera 533-7551.


Flowers for Delivery

Each Sunday the flowers from the worship services are divided into smaller arrangements by our Deacons. The flowers are then delivered to members of the church whom we know to be recently hospitalized or homebound. Please call the office at 533-7551 to request flower delivery to someone you know needs cheering.


BabyRoseRoses for Children

We celebrate the arrival of a new child into our church family, by birth or by adoption, by placing a rose in the pulpit and announcing the blessed event during Sunday morning worship. Call the office at 533-7551 to inform us of the arrival of a new child in your family.