Tithing. What is it? Is it necessary?

Tithing is the training wheels of giving. It is the spiritual discipline that leads to the overflow of free will giving. By holding everything we cherish (family, friends, finances, etc) loosely in our hands we are acknowledging that it is not ours but instead a gift we have been entrusted with by our Creator.

“There is no telling what can be accomplished in our generation if we, too, may but catch the joy of contagious giving. Not only would we be empowered to spread the gospel around the globe, but we would be enabled to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the sick. Like our forefathers who founded great centers of Christian education, established countless hospitals, and funded myriad relief organizations, we might yet leave an indelible mark on our generation. For only when the training wheels of tithing come off will the world of free will giving become our playground.” – From Is the tithe for today?-Christian Research Institute 

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FEED MEA wealthy man died and went to heaven. Saint Peter met him at the pearly gates, and after making sure his name was in the book of life, Saint Peter said, “let me show you to your eternal home.” They walked through the pearly gates, down streets of gold, and past dozens of giant, beautifully-designed mansions. The first few were about the same size as the rich man’s earthly home, but then they grew bigger and bigger, and his excitement grew as well. Finally, at the end of the street, Saint Peter stopped in front of a small, run-down wooden shack, and gestured to the man to enter. Shocked and more than a little dismayed, the man said, “But what about all those mansions? Surely there’s one for me?” Saint Peter replied, “I’m sorry, but really…I did the best I could with the money you sent.”  – CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM SAINTS AMONG US

Authentic Generosity by Guest Rev. Louise Green



There are many ways to tithe.

We tithe in service (A Commitment to Serve) and in our financial giving (A Commitment to Give).

A Fun Craft From Our Feed More Sheep Financial Campaign



sheep bank how toThe kids joined in on our stewardship campaign. Vanessa Williams, our (previous) Children’s Pastor, created a fun sheep bank. Following are the instructions on how to copy this craft for yourself. Throughout the month of November 2016 the kids were asked to save their money and help participate. This was a great opportunity to help teach our children the spiritual discipline of tithing. We don’t just ask them to watch our community from the sidelines. Here at FPCEP we believe the children are a major part of our community and encourage them to take ownership with us.






For this craft you will need the following per child:sheep bank how to step 1

  • Dremel (or some way to cut a slit in the lid)
  • Glue
  • Glass Mason Jar
  • fuzzy yarn
  • felt
  • green construction paper
  • two wiggly eyes
  • puffy paint
  • (we ended up printing off sheep faces to help the kids cut out the felt)


sheep bank how to step 2

To assemble:

Prior to class cut slips in the mason jar lids.

Have the children wrap the yarn around the mason jar (let kids decide if they want fat or skinny sheep). Glue the two ends of yarn to the jar, a dab will do you.Have the children cut out sheep faces and legs from the felt and glue onto the yarn. Slide a slip of green construction paper into the mason jar to give the illusion of a green meadow.  For ease in cutting out a sheep face we found an image online and printed one off per child. You could also pre-cut the faces. 

We used black puffy paint to write Feed More Sheep, our 2016 Financial Stewardship Campaign Motto, on the lids of the bank.

sheep bank how to step 3

Time to send home:

This is where you explain to the children the importance of stewardship. Often they do not understand the value of a dollar. Share with them some of the costs of craft supplies, of missionaries the church supports, of community projects the kids are involved with through the church, etc… to increase their understanding of why the church needs our financial help. Send the banks home with a predetermined return date.

The kids brought back their banks on the last day of our 2016 Stewardship Campaign during the 11am service.

If you have more ideas and crafts to help encourage children in learning the joy of giving, we would love to hear them!